feat. Micky Wong
Micky Wong didn't like the first photo he ever shot. The strangest shoot he had to do, was an underwater shot because he doesn't know how to swim. But he persisted and stayed on track as these are the perfection and determination that Micky goes through for a craft he had picked up by chance. He is driven by the dialogue between the subject matter, his medium and himself as the interpreter which is well translated through his fashion and advertising work. The dialogue is photographically harmonic. Malaysian born, Singapore based, Micky Wong picked up a camera when he was 15 years old. That camera belonged to his school friend. It took him 4 years to save up to buy his own SLR camera. It was then, he could feel photography gushing through his veins . Micky learned photography the honest way by assisting renowned fashion photographers and commercial studios in Singapore and Malaysia. While assisting, he honed his craft by shooting editorials. Page by page, spread by spread, his portfolio of work took him beyond the shores of Singapore to the beach in Sri Lanka and now he's ready to make a name for himself.